My ideas for my Phineas and Ferb pairings Phinbella, (of course) Feretchen, Balinger, Adyford, Djilly, Kirving, and Hollex.

Phinbella: Basically, anyone who is a fan of PnF loves this pairing! Phineas is basically perfect for Isabella because of them being cute and they are the main stars. And also, it's because of this pairing being canon in the show. If I could count all the moments on the show, there would be a lot.

Feretchen: Honestly, why is this so not popular? This works better than Ferbnessa even! Even though this isn't on the show, that doesn't matter. It's all about what's off the show that makes this be able to be on the show. Ferb and Gretchen have the same features and they are both Phineas and Isabella's equals. And they are also THE SAME AGE. Anyone who doesn't love this pairing is dumb.

Balinger: Do I even need to say it? This pairing is canon because Ginger has a crush on Baljeet. Mishti wanted to be friends with Baljeet and Wendy was a one time character. Personally, I love this because it makes sense, it's canon, and it's cute.

Adyford: Really? Dajngo/Adyson doesn't make sense. Why would Adyson, who is a tough girl, like Django who is an artist? It doesn't make sense! My ideas on Adyford are this: Adyson is this normal tough tomboy girl who would easily like someone who is also tough. And personally, Buford fits the bill for that.

Django/Milly: This pairing is actually much more cute than the others because of how sweet and kind they can both be. And also, this makes more sense than Django/Adyson ever would.

Irving/Katie: This one needs no specifics. It's cute and I doubt Holly would go for Irving. Wow.

Alex/Holly: This is the last pairing within Phineas' circle of friends. It's also much more convienient than making an OC for Holly